"A healthy casino culture, I'll make it together" Kangwon Land, casino customers 'integrity campaign'

Kangwon Land (CEO Hae Seung-hee) announced on April 1 that it is carrying out 'Integrity Campaign' for customers visiting casino for spreading integrity culture for seven days from 28th to the 3rd last month.

The Integrity Campaign, which is being conducted in conjunction with the Gyeonggi Industry Supervisory Commission, is designed to promote the main purpose of illegal gambling reporting system and to inform customers of the adverse effects of 'game and immersion'.

Employees participating in the campaign are encouraged to participate actively in eradicating illegal gambling and establishing a healthy gaming culture through the distribution of leaflets, which include a skull that promotes healthy gaming culture and how to report illegal gambling.

Especially, during the campaign period, which is expected to attract a lot of customers, 'Clean Cleaners' leading the integrity activities of each team of Kangwon Land participated in and actively promoted the major integrity measures related to the casino.

An official of Kangwon Land said, "In order to create a sound game culture, customers need to be actively involved." This campaign will help eradicate the activities of illegal gambling operators and create a healthy business environment. .

On the other hand, Kangwon Land received the second grade (excellent) for the second consecutive year in the evaluation of measures for the prevention of corruption in public institutions conducted by the National People and Rights Committee.